/ˈmʌni / (say 'munee)

noun (plural moneys or monies)
1. gold, silver, or other metal in pieces of convenient form stamped by public authority and issued as a medium of exchange and measure of value.
2. current coin.
3. coin or certificate (as banknotes, etc.) generally accepted in payment of debts and current transactions.
4. any article or substance similarly used.
5. a particular form or denomination of currency.
6. a money of account.
7. property considered with reference to its pecuniary value.
8. an amount or sum of money.
9. wealth reckoned in terms of money.
10. (plural) Law pecuniary sums.
11. pecuniary profit.
12. be on the money, Colloquial to be exactly right: *The little hitman was always on the money a thousand per cent. –robert g barrett, 1999.
13. for one's money, as far as one's own choice or preference is concerned; in one's own opinion.
14. have money to burn, to squander one's money.
15. in the money, Colloquial rich.
16. in the old money, Colloquial in the previous system of currency, temperature, measurement, etc.: he is six foot two in the old money.
17. made of money, extremely rich.
18. make money, to become rich.
19. money for jam (or old rope), Colloquial money which is obtained by very little effort.
20. money's worth, full value; greatest possible advantage.
21. put money into, to invest in.
22. put one's money where one's mouth is, to give financial support to a cause, project, etc., which one has openly expressed belief in.
23. throw good money after bad, Colloquial to squander more money in an attempt to salvage a bad investment.
{Middle English moneye, from Old French moneie, from Latin monēta mint, money, from Jūno Monēto Juno the Adviser, in whose temple at Rome money was coined}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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